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M has a wide range of Graphics modules. For sake of space and clarity our downloadable spec from our web-site is limited to the most Generic packaging. However our standard products are all available with:
  • STN, FSTN and DFSTN Glass and some with special contrast and color correction filters
  • 6 o'clock, 12 o'clock, 3 o'clocko and 9 o'clock view angle
  • Normal Temp and High Temp Glass
  • Various types of Backlights such as LED, CCFL. EL along with Backlight Enchantment Filters
  • Different types of on-board DC DC inverters
  • Wide range of on-board Temperature Compensation Circuits
  • With or without on board LCD controller
  • With or without Touch Panel

Display Resolution Product No. Product Size
(W x H x T)
Viewing Area Control Built-in
122 x 25 MTB-051 94.98x30x2.8 81.8x21.9 Contact
122 x 32 MTG-12232X 86.0x95.0x9.7 67.4x67.4 SED1520
MTG-12232A 84.0x44.0x15.0 60.5x18.5 SED1520
MTG-12232B 80.0x36.0x15.0 60.5x18.5 SED1520
MTG-12232C 59.0x29.0x5.5 52.0x15.0 SED1520
MTG-12232D 90.0x23.5x4.7 52.0x15.0 SED1520
MTB-147 69.2x31.75x11 57.2x17.2 SED1520
MTB-067 67.2x31.75x11 57.2x17.2 SED1520
MTB-240 64.5x29.10x5.50 54.80x19.10 SED1520
MTB-240 64.5x29.10x5.50 54.80x19.10 AX6120D0A
128 x 64 MTG-12864X 78.0x70.0x10.5 62.0x44.0 KS0108
MTG-12864A 93.0x70.0x14.5 71.7x39.0 KS0108
MTG-12864B/D 75.0x52.7x9.0 60.0x32.5 KS0108
MTG-12864C 110.5x70.0x14.5 73.4x38.8 KS0108
MTG-12864E 78.0x70.0x12.4 62.0x44.0 T6963C
MTG-12864I 93.0x70.0x14.5 71.7x39.0 KS0108
MTG-12864J 93.0x70.0x14.5 71.7x39.0 KS0108
MTB-126 49x32.5 49x32.5 Contact
MTB-211 47.6X32.5 47.6X32.5 Contact
128 x 128 MTG-12128X / A 86.0x96.0x7.8 67.4x67.4 SED1335
160 x 48 MTB-242 58.6x62.5x2.4 55.0x18.7 Contact
160 x 120 MTB-125 98.8x68.7x16.75 84x58 w/o
160 x 128 MTB-093 129x104.5x15 101x82 Toshiba T6963C
160 x 80 MTG-16080A 100.0x54.0x15.3 72.3x37.8 T6963C
160x160 MTG-16160B 89.2x85x14.4 62.0x62.0 w/o
MTG-16160C 72.0x71.85x6.5 63.5x63.3 w/o
MTG-S16160H 89.2x85x14.4 62.0x62.0 SED1335
MTG-S16160K 84.5x85.0x14.4 62.0x62.0 SED1335
MTB-11 89.2x85.0x11.0 60.76x60.76 Contact
MTB-228 56.0x56.0x5.2 49.1x49.10 Contact
200 x 200 MTB-088 88.2x87.9x11 72x72 Contact
256 x 128 MTB-091 200x110x10.8 128x66.5 Contact
240 x 64 MTG-24064F 180.0x65.0x16.0 132.0x39.0 T6963C
MTG-24064C/D 180.0x65.0x23.0 132.0x39.0 T6963C
MTG-24064E/X 180.0x65.0x16.1 132.0x39.0 LC7981
MTG-24064G 200.0x66.0x23.0 132.0x39.0 T6963C
240 x 128 MTG-24128A 144.0x104.0x14.1 114.0x64.0 T6963C
MTG-24128B 139.0x104.0x10.0 114.0x64.0 w/o
MTG-24128C 170.0x102.7x14.0 129.0x79.0 T6963C
MTG-24128D 144.0x104.0x10.0 107.98x57.58 T6963C
MTG-24128E 170.0x102.7x14.0 129.0x79.0 T6963C
MTG-24128X 170.0x103.2x14.0 114.0x64.0 T6963C
MTB-178 144.0x104.0x14.0 107.98x57.58 T6963C
240 x 160 MTG-F24160X 74.6x56.1x5.2 57.58x38.38 w/o
240 x 200 MTB-193 107x90x10.7 73.6x62.5 Phillips
320 x 80 MTB-172 126.5x42.5x2.7 119x35 Contact
320 x 240 MTG-32240J 167.1x109.0x11.0 122.0x92.0 w/o
MTG-32240P 167.1x109.0x11.0 122.0x92.0 SED1335
MTG-32240E 167.1x109.0x11.0 122.0x92.0 SED1335
MTG-32240N 167.1x109.0x11.0 122.0x92.0 SED1335 (LCD) ADS7843 (Touch) on board
MTB-068 167.1x109.0x11.0 122.0x92.0 w/o