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Burn-in sometimes happens when the same character was displayed at along time. Therefore, to prevent Burn-in, it is recommended to set up a Screen-saver function.

The liquid crystal in the LCD is poisonous, DO NOT put it in your mouth. If the liquid crystal touches your skin or clothes, wash it off immediately using soap and water.


Handling Instructions a. The LCD module shall be installed flat, without twisting or bending.

b. COF or FPC has narrow pattern width, so easily become open circuit by external force. DO NOT apply pressure to COF or FPC especially in bending area.
Handling Instructions  c. To avoid damage in appearance or malfunction, DO NOT subject the module to mechanical shock or to excessive force on its surface.
Handling Instructions  d. The polarizer attached to the display is very easy to damage, handle it with care to avoid scratcHandlingng.
Handling Instructions  e. To avoid contamination on the display surface, DO NOT touch the display surface with bare hands.

f. Provide a space so that the LCD module does not come into contact with other components.
Handling Instructions  g. To protect the LCD panel from external pressure, put covering glass (acrylic board or similar board) to keep appropriate space between them.
Handling Instructions  h. Be careful for condensation at sudden temperature change. Condensation makes damage to polarizer or electrical contacted parts. And after fading condensation, smear or spot will occur.
Handling Instructions  i. Property of semiconductor devices may be affected when they are exposed to light possibly resulting in malfunctioning of the ICs. To prevent such malfunctioning of the ICs, your design and mounting layout done are so that the IC is not exposed to light in actual use.
Handling Instructions  j. Strong light exposure causes degradation of color filter. It may not recover
Handling Instructions  k. DO NOT contact with water to avoid Metal corrosion.

l. When it is not in use, the screen must be turned off or the pattern must be frequently changed by a screen saver. If it displays the same pattern for a long period of time, brightness down/image sticking may develop due to the LCD structure.
Handling Instructions  m. Never disassemble LCD product under any circumstances. If unqualified operators or users assemble the product after disassembling it, it may not function or its operation may be seriously affected.